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Books & Articles I wrote.

Monday, July 18, 2005


Books & Articles I wrote from 1998 to 2003

Jan 2003 - End to End Web Services with UDDI 2.0 and XML Web Services
ASP today
“…this is one of the best articles I’ve read for ASPToday, and quite possible the best explanation for UDDI and .NET integration I’ve seen yet. I’m not too deep into the UDDI yet, but I’ll be starting tomorrow, you can bet – this article would get anyone on the right track. Excellent. There really aren’t enough of these articles – should be more.”
Brady Gaster -

Content Management Systems with Xml, Rss and .Net
ASP Pro Magazine

Review of "Programming GDI+"

Beginning VB.NET XML:Essential XML Skills for VB.NET Programmers
Wrox Press

"A Superb Introduction to These Great Technologies I am very impressed with this book....I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who is taking their first steps in using XML with VB.NET and wants to take their skills to the intermediate level."

Mike Poole – Director, 2F3 Internet

Beginning C# XML:Essential XML Skills for C# Programmers
Wrox Press

"If you C# programmer and you don't know anything about XML then this is your first and almost what all you need about XML, The book is great as all wrox's C# books"
Michael Saad – Egypt, CA

"MSXML Schema and .NET Schema - A practical comparison of working with the XML Schema in MSXML 4.0 and C#.NET"
ASP Today

"Overview of MSXML 4.0"

"MSXML DOM and .NET DOM - A practical comparison of working with the DOM in MSXML 4.0 and C#.NET"
ASP Today

"XML Application Development with MSXML 4.0"
Wrox Press

"MSXML4 is the fastest XML parser in the world and this book gives you needed details to take advantage of it. Some of these chapters are a gold mine. "
Mark Bosley, Amazon.com

"The book is very readable; I read half the book in one sitting and found that the flow from one topic to the next was very natural."
Daniel Bodart, Amazon.com

Contributer to Beginning XML 2nd Edition
Wrox Press

Web Services and the Future of Web Services with .NET
ASP Today

Professional XML Second Edition
Wrox Press

"This is the ONLY book you will need to learn XML effectively on your own."

"This book includes just about everything a programmer would need to get started with XML, and to start developing XML-enabled applications. There's the obligatory introduction to XML, covering all of the basics such as DTDs and namespaces so you'll understand what XML is all about. The introductions are clear and concise, so if you already know about XML you don't need to feel the pages have been wasted."
Michael Mason, XMLScript.org

Professional Commerce Server 2000
Wrox Press

Professional XML Databases
Wrox Press

XML and Java
Prentice Hall

Beginners XML
Wrox Press

Wrox Press

Professional XML
Wrox Press

Remote Scripting
ActiveWeb Magazine


Pro Site Server Commerce
Wrox Press

Pro Site Server
Wrox Press

"It is: * highly readable; * well-organized; * includes topics that are missing in the Site Server Documentation; * Suffiently thorough on topics like security - discusses concepts and their proper implementation in a Site Server Environment."
Marshall Ruskin Winnipeg, Canada.

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