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Sunday, May 07, 2006


Rambo goes to cat heaven

uhjjYesterday May 6th 2006 i got a phone call from my mums to tell me my cat ("Rambo") had passed away in the middle of the night. She was going to be 21 years old in August.

I was given the cat as a present when i was 12 and she was the most active pet i have ever known of, chasing dogs down the street if they got too close. Unless you have a pet and one for so long, it's probably hard to imagine how close you can get. When i think back over the years from my head getting cut open by a flying brick to me falling on the fence in the back garden a load of memories come back. Some of the most prevelant are:

In truth she got very old and frail and wasn't her normal self, but she always retained her character and i'm glad she went peacefully rather than any long-term illness and having to be put down.

This weekend i'm pretty sad, but happy that i had such a great cat. Having found out we are to have a baby only the other day, i'd like to think Rambo's spirit will carry on, although i think i'll resist the temptation to name the new baby "Rambo" - maybe a nickname ;)

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