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Friday, July 28, 2006


Security Training

Well, it took me all of yestdarey (despite being busy) to recover from a marathon 5 hour security talk on Wednesday for a UK bank.

Everything from ADAM, AzMan, WSE to LSA, CAS, SQL Injection, Cryptography and more was covered, with some areas of detail. It was easily the hardest talk i have ever done as usually these things last an hour. But the day was very successful and some good things came out of it. Everyone seemed happy that they were more aware of security in .Net and the Web in general. Now we can drill down and get to the good stuff.

The one thing i need to look into is using ADFS and synching AD and ADAM accounts where possible - using automation. This may be hard as Kerberos doesn't store the actual password (unles you set reverse encryption) so i don't know that it will be possible to add AD accounts to ADAM all that easily (the ADAM instance will be in the DMZ for home workers).

All good stuff tho'.

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