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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Some WSE Problems and Solutions

Here are some solutions to problems i ran into which were not particularly well documented anywhere. I hope they are of some use - let me know if they are.

Problem 1
Ran into a fairly well documented problem when working with the WSE 3.0 quickstart samples which i had used baceause i was getting some weird errors in the Kerberos implementation i had written myself.

"Microsoft.Web.Services3.Security.SecurityFault: SecurityContextToken is expected but not present in the security header of the incoming message. "

The problem, in my case, was the there was a Worker Process configured in the app pool that somehow got confused with the *actual* worker process running the virtual directory - that's right, it said two different accounts were running it. Something that happened to me before when upgrading to ASp.Net 2.0 from 1.1.

Solution - remove the App Pool worker that is causing some virtual diretory to run under a different process and things work fine. My best bet is to use one worker in app pool per web site - when they are mixed odd things seem to happen.

I'd love to spend more time looking right into the issues as it affects everything from UserToken to Kerberos, but i've got a demo to write :)

Problem 2
"The network path is not found."

I found the source of this one to be that the targetPrincipal in the policy for Kerberos when the server name (or AD object) specified as the SPN just doesn't exist on the network - or is unreachable as it was in my case .. doh!

Problem 3
"Header http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2004/08/addressing:Action for ultimate recipient is required but not present in the message."

I found the source of this one to be that the targetPrincipal in the policy for Kerberos was either when (a) pointing at the wrong ServicePrincipalName - or server - (http/servername) or (b) you had set the wrong host application type.

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