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Thursday, April 06, 2006


Live Clipboard

Today i discovered "Live Clipboard".

I'm still reading up, but looks like a nice idea to me.
I'd rather it were all Xml, but i can see the need to support some non-xml formats.

Why can you not just put a serialized object in a web page and have it deserialized at the other end? It may be useful in certain cases. I'll keep reading and listening.

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Celtic Champions, Puzil getting there

Well tonight my team, Celtic again won the league title here in Scotland. It was a hard game and we've had a rollercoaster season, but the team is slowly shaping up to be very good next year. We have some of the best young players in Scotland in our team combined with some foreign players and of course John Hartson who may be away in the summer.

Well done Bhoys - this time we finished the job.

In work world, i've had a load of fun with setting up an email server for Puzil - there it is now all setup and working, with a little bit of Xml hacking required in the middle to get the config files for the mail server working.

I see the blogger sign above reads "Scheduled outage at 5:00 PM" which should be interesting considering it's midnight here - if Google are to do local search they may want to get localization of their services right first ;)

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