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Monday, February 20, 2006


Semantic Term Browser

Interesting sematic app ...

"... explore how a thesaurus can be integrated into the search interface and
the potential of semantic expansion in querying collections indexed with controlled metadata."


Interesting that if you type in "football" (which is what is called "Soccer" in some places) it bring back "American Football" and "footballs" - but not "soccer"!! Again it is context - there has to be some awareness of the context of the consumeras pure sematic relations sometimes don't make much sense.

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ADPlus and Windows Debugging Tools

If you are using AD or AD/AM and haven't used ADPlus, i suggest you look into it. It allows you to get some serious information about processes running on the server you are debugging, such as memory dumps and log files.

If you are having issues in the following areas ...

... get ADPlus.

ADPlus is part of the Windows Debugging tool which can be found here.

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