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Friday, September 30, 2005


Virtual Identity

Hello World. PC crashed (and my laptop is currently out of service too) so been reinstalling everything and it's taken me days to get back to normal. Must be an easier way!

Anyway, just created my new virtual identity over at http://videntity.org

My identity is http://stevenR2.videntity.org

It's early days, but the service looks very useful indeed. Find it slightly odd that there isn't an HTTPS option - it asks for some pretty personal information. I also wonder whether things are encrypted server side.

However, i'm thinking of things other people are going to ask them about. I'll start using it and see how things go.

The service is great. I actually approached a Venture Capitalist at Scottish Enterprise about this in 1998 - but they said "passport" and something called "digitalid" (at the time run by now Google CEO Eric Schmidt at Novell) had "tied up the market".

I planned on HTTPS for secure registration and encryption on the server. I hope the service takes off - would be nice to have it finally done properly.

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