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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


La Luna

As you may have noticed, Google have a link to the Moon on their front page now in honour of the landing in July 20, 1969. Actually it is a link to a resource about the moon to get my proper RDF right. What URI do we use to represent the moon? Tangent.

However, many Chileans question whether it actually ever happened. You see, there's Atacama desert which is very similar to the surface of the moon. There are areas where no rain has ever been recorded. The diametric opposite of areas in Scotland where rain has ever not been recorded.

I recently watched a documentary that took the arguments that it never happened and showed scientific arguments against these arguments. The counter-arguments were also very convincing.

It reminds my of my Physics classes where you had to prove that something worked, and when something didn't work you had to prove which that was also the case. In my case the two often merged. I think they called it Quantum Physics.

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cost-per-click model snaps up 10 mil

Snap has raised $10 Million for developing a search engine that will use a cost per action (ie you get paid when the purchase is made) rather than the cost-per-click model we are all used to.

Read more on my linkblog ...

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