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Monday, August 22, 2005


chewin the fat

Just rememberd - after a pretty awful football result last Saturday i bought some comedy dvd's. I went into the shop to buy some juice and got speaking to.. Greg, who is one of the comedians in the video.

Weird stuff. Video was also very funny (albeit cryptic for anyone outside Scotland!).

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JSB and Social Ecosystems

John Seely Brown has an interesting speech at SuperNova 2005 on loosely coupled business processes and emerging ecosystems that are based on Toyota's supplier relationships.

He looks at what can be learned from them and how social software techniques can be integrated wit hte end to end process to improve collaboration amonst partners.

This is something i am 100% on - in fact my original venture into Social Software was precisely for that reason - although it had an original intention to enable this at a departmental level between corporate departments (who also have trouble collaborating). At a business level this really is needed. In Scotland we have something called The Stac which was created to try and enable businesses to collaborate.

The problem i have with it is that it really isn't dynamic - sure they allow you to find and suggest collaborative ideas. They don't push techniques TO YOU. So you check "opportunities" and it's empty. They wait on you coming. This to me really misses the social aspect - get an ecosystem and then build it through building a socially aware environment. Get a few players who REALLY are interested in doing business this way and get something happening. Work hard on it, get a buzz and others will follow.Don't just throw a website up and expect this to happen!!!! Very Web 1.0.

I'd love to hear more about experiences anyone has on adopting some of the ideas JSB talks about, so please leave a comment or talk to me.

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