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Friday, September 23, 2005


Interesting points from The Search

"Nearly 15% of users would prefer a collection of good links on a subject as oposed to a good document".

I suspect this number will become much larger. The reason is diversity. Is the quality of the diverse opinions is high you get a good aggregated response on a subject. If you get one good document it will give you just one view. Even in technical documents i lie to be able to read two or three discussions - sometimes for clarity, other times for experience and even contrasting opinions.

I belive Google misses out a lot here. They have context sensitive ads created by people, but they don't have context sensitive links created by people. They just have the results, but hese aren't filtered in any human way and its hard to get a collecton of good links - usually you get a set of ranom documents and you pick out the best ones yourself. Wht not allow you to check the 1, 2 or 3 and say "add to my taghop" which can then be displayed along with the link at a later date for yourself or someone else? (ah, ok so i am biased!).

"... as much as 25% of searches are local ..."

This doesn't surprise me - it's part of the reasojn why i started vidyo. The only issue i really have is that half the battle on most search engines it to get it to realise that you are wanting a local search. You usually have to go to the relevant localised domain name, but that in itself is limited. If you add to this that fact that "65% of searches are informational" - in other words finding out about things, then the ability to not have to search every time you want to find out about local news, events and so on can be pretty powerful. Your context is already SET for you in that case for any further refined searches. The problem with most sites providing this ind of functionality is that it doesn't provide a feedback mechanism. A lot use algorithms, but sometimes people can really help a LOT! Algorithmic Collaboration.

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