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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Blogging in the Enterprise

Phil Windley of IT Conversations said:
I've been asked to give a training session on blogging to employees of a
mid-sized public company, so I'm looking for ideas and materials. One resource
that was both informative and entertaining was this IT conversations
presentation by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel. Together they wrote a book on
corporate blogging called Naked Conversations.
This is something i had a go at at the start of last year, so i had a reponse in minutes:

I actually tried to get some blogging done in a large corporate here in the UK
last year, with limited success.
The key for me is not the technology but the culture of writing information down. It has to be top down and not bottom up. If it done bottom up you only get one or two really interested souls blogging, but if they see their bosses dong it, it seems to motivate some others to start blogging. It's really only after this quasi-forced motivation do some of these bloggers actually start to "get it" and then enjoy it. After that you can let them run with it and the best bloggers will shine through. It really provides the opportunity of opening up borders between projects in the enterprise.

But - if the folks at the top don't take it seriously or see value in it - I'm
afraid no-one else will either.

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