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Monday, July 10, 2006


Zindane loses his head

What was that all about? Matarazzi must have said something really bad to Zidane and until he tells everyone what it was, it is hard to really judge. Easy to say he shouldn't have lost it, but it really does depend on what was said - if it was something so low that it caused that reaction.

Whatever, i will remember Zidane as the best player since Maradona and his 1998 performance will be remembered forever. Seems that the best payers in the world always have to leave us with some controversy (the exception seems to be Henrik Larsson!).

Well done Italy - they were the best team througout the tournament and having lived in Milan I know how crazy it will be. They did deserve it and they held their nerve for the penalties. No outstanding individuals at the tournament, but i really enjoyed it and the Italy v Germany game was out of this world! Well done Germany on a great tournament.

Forza Italia!

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