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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Monkeying Around....

Seems someone screwed up when playing around with email templates. I got this the other day which i found quite odd, but not being a marketing expert wasn't sure whether some neural link was being made to my behaviour at football games.

Not long after i got this:

Dear Sir/Madam,
Apologies if you received a strange e-mail from the
Cairngorms E-Mail Bulletin system yesterday. This error occurred during server
maintenance by the website's development company (Heehaw Ltd). We were fixing an issue which had arisen with the system and, during which time, an internal test
e-mail accidentally 'misfired'.

If you any further queries please do not
hesitate to contact us via the e-mail address below.
Sorry for inconvenience

I had to love that misfired was in quotes. I'm not really even sure what significance the quotes give - it almost reinforces the "we screwed up" which you know they are trying to say - without actually saying it. The test issue only makes it worse and even makes you cringe. I'd love to hear them say - "We were moneying around and screwed it up, but we hope it made you smile".

The worst part was i suspect they made the individual who screwed up the guy who signed his name to the email. Doh!

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Accidental Tech Entrepreneurs

InformationWeek interviewed five accidental entrepreneurs, including the founders of del.icio.us and Digg and the author of the blog Dooce, to find out how they freed themselves from the paycheck-to-paycheck grind. More.

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David Orchid has updated the W3 TAG document on versioning. It is a document i read yesterday as i'm looking into versioning just now w.r.t WSDL and Web Services i am creating.

I found i have major, minor namespaces, but kept updating the minor every 5 minutes in development to keep track of what dev release i was on. I decided on the following:

In development you may create many WSDL documents per day which may be consumed by multiple clients. To that end I added a development version which was appended to the end but won’t be in production. So my practice identifies namespaces versions something like:


I suspect the last development identifier could be auto-generated by tools in the future, but I did find it restrictive to use only major minor before I’d released anything.

In Web Services i feel this is pretty important as your "clients" may not be under your control and there may be many of them. Sure eventually you want them all on version "VX_Y", but to avoid screwing their build it's nice to have continuity.

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