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Monday, September 11, 2006


Reading blogs that are blocked

One thing that irritates the hell out of me is corporate companies that block blogs. I use blogs constantly to stay on top of what is happening, but often in work (and for legitimate use) i try to access a blog that has been blocked... often by someone who has no idea what a blog *is*, but has added an entry somewhere.

That's what i love about the web - you don't have that kind of control. There are probably a bunch of things that should be banned through human decency, but inside the firewall, all hell lets loose (or it's diametric opposite) and you end up being unable to view the blog sites you read regularly (security topics being a favouite for me to read - as well as to be blocked .... if "hack" is mentioned it will likely be blocked).

If you are in this sitation, then just get bloglines :) It does the work of pulling in the feeds and (as of yet) i haven't seen it blocked. You can even ask it to dynamically fetch new blogs and away it goes and returns with the results.

Now, no-one in the place i consult will read this as my blog is blocked ( i don't think it *my* blog they are blocked - it's blogger in general) - so i don't expect to see bloglines blocked any time soon.. and when it is, there will be something else out there!

Oh, just finishing reading "A Perfect Store". Yet again i am amazed by the luck that goes along with pure hard work... i read the Google story and thought the same thing. In fact StartUp by Jerry Kaplan is probably one case where his luck was out. I hope to have some of that luck soon too :)

It is also amazing how there are little networks of people and companies that span all the books... Kagle, Oydimar, Whitman, Kaplan and so on... all linked together in some bizarre subnet. I feel like i know some of them quite well now!

... by a weird quirk of click, i discovered Mike Wilson (ran tech ops at Ebay for a number of years) is at There. Of all the things there is no blog which makes following it a pain :S

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