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Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Orange gives me the Blues

My mobile hasn't been charging up for 3 weeks now so i took i back to the Orange shop i bought it from.

So I go in and as what they can do for me and I am then told that my contract expired in May. So now i'm on the usual rates for everything - no savings are all. I tell her that last year I was told before this - a month or so by letter and a phone call also.

She casually replies "No, we don't do that all that often. Only every once in a while. It's actually up to the CUSTOMER to come back to us. There are TOO MANY CUSTOMERS [huh?? wish we all had that problem] for us to manage. You also have to give them 30 days notice." So it's up to us to remember some end 30 days before it happens in one the the 600 contracts we have and get back to them - otherwise you start getting penalized (and if i had a larger company...).
So at this point i apply some logic. "Couldn't you just have something do this automatically?". Seems to work ok for my bill [never missed a call never mind a monthly bill]. At this point confusion sets in - we're back in the bad services loop. So i'm cancelling the contract.

The thing about it was, any help at all and i was ready to move to a bigger account, better, cooler phone and get one for my wife too. All i wanted to know was whether the phone was so broken that i wouldn't get my pictures back! If not, i'll happily accept it. I'll not accept paying people for nothing.

THIS IS A STORY OF DISRUPTION as i see it. Someone just needs to disrupt current services in Scotland and that wouldn't be hard - the disruptive part? Actually providing them - not only that, but being outstanding at doing ONLY that - the rest of the stuff sells itself. If someone can do this and do it well, there is huge opportunity for closing down these kind of shops and buying these kinds of things online. They offer no value otherwise.
Worse/Better services story? Ping me and let me know.

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Getting your plan to a VC

"Thank you for sending me a copy of your book. I'll waste no time reading it. "
- Moses Hadas

Noted on page 120, The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki.

Find a way of Getting Noticed. Is there someone, or something you can use to get yourself noticed?

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