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Friday, March 10, 2006


Climbing Ben'An

Tomorrow i am climbing Ben'An. We made the decision to do it about ten minutes ago so long as the weather doesn't get too crazy. It will likely have a decent amount of snow at the top, but that should be ok - so long as their's not too much fog which spoils the view.

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I can feel it now. I now have something that is either going to blow away the way we do things just now or it's going to be part of a new set of real-world applications and ideas that do.

I have written 100 page documents on how i hoped the web would be and by a combination of thinking in the right direction, discussing and some luck i am closing in on something that is actually capable of achieving that.

The application is now doing many of the things i wanted and i hope it wil be released by the end of the month as a beta in any case.

I have been in this "Internet" business since 1992 when i discovered the Sun Lab in Uni - which is where i spent most of my time, causing a whole bunch of issues for Physics degree (which i did get - due to high computing marks !). I know the web really well, but only the last few years have i began to see real opportunities - or rather, how to monatize them.

This time i'm pretty sure i'm right. I can feel it. I hope you do too when you see what i am doing.

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