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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Technology Ventures, Being Busy

Apologies for a lack of recent posts - i have been travelling, reading and designing software for a few weeks now with almost no free time.

Travelling :
I 'm not long back from London where a kick-off meeting took place to get some Semantic Web ideas going that i have been planning for a few years now. We may now have something. More soon. I've also been in Edinburgh helping ACS and Scottish Executive design a system we are working on - we are at the hardest, but most valuable part - analysis user requirements. I like to just talk with them rather than analysing pie in the sky ideas and it actually went very well.

Reading :
Technology Ventures : Excellent Stuff - wish i had read it a long time ago... but then with the size of it i'd only now be finishing!

Applying UML and Patterns : Very good book. Long awaited and i'm actually enjoying reading it .. which is saying something as its fair to say i like to code.

Designing: Been writing prototype documents and architectural summary documents for the Semantic Web idea i have. The old code is pretty much throwaway and now we are staring from a prototype. At least now i have a far better idea of where some of these things are going.

Tomorrow I am back in Glasgow and I plan to start modelling some of the lower level architecture for the semantic system. Oh, and i may get some sleep.

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