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Thursday, February 09, 2006


Wireless Woes

I'm in Bristol today going to see a client about an ADAM implementation. Checked into Holiday Inn too early so fired up my laptop in the lounge, found some wireless networks, paid for a 24 hour connection and off we go.

Came up to my room and suddenly my connection had died. Kept saying i was connected but never resolved any domain names - or rather it got their IP, but just never connected.

After *2 hours* of playing around with local settings, LNG configuration, cookies and more, i just reinstalled the wireless device. Suddenly it worked, asked me to log in and hey presto, i'm back on!! A little frustrated to have lost the time, but when in doubt - reinstall!!!! (oh, make sure you have the drivers if you do :) - i didn't and just crossed my fingers they would be found).

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