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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Used underwear on ebay

I'm in the last few pages of "The Perfect Store" by Alan Cohen and came across one of the classic phrases of modern writing. If ever we need to sum up our generation over the last 10 years, this has to be it:
"At first Ebay treated used underwear sales like any other used clothing sale.
But users begain to complain that when they searched for ordinary used
underwear, they came across listings designed to appeal to fetishists."

Now, in my book there must be very little "ordinary" used underwear in the world. What does it even look like and when does underwear worn by someone else become ... well, extraordinary???

My wife suggested it was underwear worn by the stars and such (erm, worrying insight into her little world), but how much of a market would there be for that and more importantly. how the heck do you get hold of it.

My view of the world is now tainted a little bit more and i'm avoiding the temptation to search for used underwear to see what's going on in that little subculture.

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