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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Monitoring, WS-Policy and WS-Management

I've been looking into the various techniques available to monitor applications in ASP.Net.

My first attempt was the Logging Application Block - this seemed idea and it is, for middle tier and winform applications. However for ASP.Net and ASMX applications, your best bet is the System.Web.Management namespace that comes with ASP.Net 2.0. This provides a wealth of techniques that are easily configurable to instrument your application.

I finished the day looking at WS-Management - i am looking for a primer, especially as relates to MS implementation. Josh Cohen of Microsoft directed me to winrm, which is MS's WS-Management implementation that is part of WMI. It looks really interesting, but i'm looking at the potential that web services can help centralize logging and instrumentation across multiple apps - the fact there are now so many ways to implement logging and instrumentation make a final decision tricky.... but a suite of WS-Management derived classes that can be used based on the context of your application to call out to centralized services (over any given soap channel) seems the most plausible to me. Even if you could configure the provider now to save to a datasource, but to save to WS-Management endpoints which can be integrated into other applications for users.

I also enjoyed reading Understanding Web Service Policy by Asir Vedamuthu and Daniel Roth. It opened my eyes to how much of policy i have still to grok. Thanks to Daniel who followed up my queries by email almost immediately - seems i really need to get the WCF July CTP release.

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