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Friday, August 12, 2005


Complete Dedication

Well, less that 24 hours after asking for it, my new dedicated server is ready. Enterhost really are outstanding! Logged on via terminal services and looking forward to trying some things out.

However, it's Friday, someone is hammering upstairs, i have a headache and i'm off for a beer - beers are notoriously large in Scotland.

At least i'll have the weekend to fixing things up!

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The Purple Valley

Silicon Valley + Purple Cow = Into the Purple Valley

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Idea virus for taghop?!

Scoble points to Digg as does here and Guardian here in the UK. When i created taghop i had similar ideas - i decided to add communitiesa and had the live feed in there too with a few other features. I removed most to gt back to basic and stuck with communities.

How to start a virus when you have something people seem to want to use? Ideas on a postcard please!!

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Google Toolbar Update

FYI - after removing the Google toolbar i have not had a crash. Tells it's own story. Beware.

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