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Monday, July 18, 2005


Release 2.0 Projects

Release 2.0 starts from August 2005 and will see me look at future ventures and projects in a completely different manner. Over the last 2 years I have moved more and more to simplicity - i feel this is important for two reasons:

1. As a small entrepreneur it is much easier to get to the "end" of the release of a product by making it small. This way you can find out much quicker whether there are things that can be done with your product and whether it will actuallty work.

2. Users actually want simple things. If it's simple they know exactly where to go when they want to do something. They also know what to expect. It is my firm belief that the next few years will see users hop between simple connected sites far more than the traditional portal experience that we are all used to. "Headlines" will be syndicated by technologies such as RSS which will help with the connectedness, but ultimately many end-point sites will provide the imlementation and make reasonable levels of revenue and be "closer" to the customer in the features they provide.

In view of this here are the ventures I am currently working on:

" taghop.org allows you to relate tags and categories on the web to
enable you and those who follow you to easily hop the web according to you! "

" Add your latest links and thoughts; read, rate & comment on others. Choose your friends, know what they are seeing - let them know what you find cool. Join communties with similar interests. Collaborate. "

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