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Thursday, May 11, 2006


London tomorrow

I'm in London tomorrow at 5AM - back at 11 PM.

Was a last minute thing so apologies if i miss you tomorrow - i'll get back to you over the weekend.

- steven

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tagging your videos takes off

If you follow my posts then you'll know about click.TV - well i have have just been informed about a very new (beta) site doing something similar (some differences) called http://www.veotag.com.

The idea is that you can select parts of video or audio and add your own text commentary to them. This allows search engines to be able to discover things in your video. I was interested in their differences.

Mike Lanza, CEO of click.TV told me his offering as more multiuser focused, allowing other sites to use the UI.

Howard Seibel, VP Marketing at VeoTag said to me that he sees some similaries but as his their site is now live and running, they are ahead of the game (and hard to compare against click.TV just yet as it it not fully live - it is expected to be live shortly).

I can't yet play with click.TV (i have seen a demo) - but VeoTag is *very* usable. I was able to create a tag of a Bugs Bunny movie without having any real learning curve (ok, i had to be able to click).

Go have a look and a play. I am going to recors something this week and have a proper play. I have been working on ideas so i don't sound too goofy (i doubt i'll avoid that anyway), so stay tuned.

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C# Type Reference

C# Type Reference


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