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Sunday, August 27, 2006


Playing with CardSpace

So i installed the WCF July CTP and started playing with CardSpace. Nice idea not too far from a number of things i have been involed in over the last 2 years.

I signed up at the netFX sandbox site before i installed CardSpace. So i already had a username and password. After installing CardSpace i would have liked to have created a card and just said "this card is the same as this username".

As it happens, i ended up getting a message saying the email address is already there and so i now have two accounts (which i guess is contrary to the intention). It's early days of course, but this is a simple example of something i think has to happen inline with using the technology. I want to have a single account and not have two usernames just because i had previously signed up with another account.

In saying that using CardSpace was pretty easy and integrated nicely. I've yet to see how this could work with other browsers and with an open API is available to allow this to be used in Linux etc as i see that as a huge benefit/requirement. I also want to see how easy it is to move between machines and certificates have historically been a pain when moving from the PC you usually work on. Mobile is also of interest.

It's exciting stuff, but i hope it's not another MS Wallet, MS Passport that is only used by larger orgs in unique applications and isn't part of the mainstream.

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