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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


AlwaysOn Hollywood

I've been watching AlwaysOn Hollywood today live from LA.

There have been some great presentations. One that i was able to viewright away was click.TV which is a cool idea of user generated content to markup video.

I tried it out but perhaps comments have been turned off on the test versions on the blog as i couldnt' add any. However the demo was nice and it's something a bit different and user generated content is big just now as it has been obvious that pure automation doesn't work when it comes to true context and meaning.

Other sites to keep an eye on:

Also, shout out to:

Secrets of Videoblogging

Media Data

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Jerry Kaplan's Winster

This may already be hugely popular in the US, i don't know, but not heard of it here in the UK.
However, Jerry Kaplan's latest concept is called Winster and is where you can win prizes by playing social games online. Very addictive for some people i know (nudge).

I played for a little while, but i have a million things to do, but it's quite cool but i suspect there is a lot more to it that may emerge in the next few months.

I also see they're looking for people. If you read his book and know games, you'll want to get involved.

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Venture Fair

It's worth reviewing some of the companies attending the Internet Venture Fair this June in San Jose.

Some of the sites are active - others aren't but there's an interesting mix.

One thing for me to note - the short, 1 paragraph companies were the only ones i spent much time with - or rather, if there was nothing in the first paragraph i never bothered. Interesting... i think i grok the term "elevator pitch" now.

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Capturing Ideas and the next big thing

I'm afraid i'm one of those peolpe who can't do without the following:

a. A notepad in my pocket (no matter where i am)
b. A zillion sheets of paper with diagrams (randomly ordered)
c. A whiteboard

It is (c) that i really love. The problem is that once you've scribbled things down, you need to store them somewhere (and no, i don't have a fancy electronic whiteboard). So i decided to use my phone camera to caputure images of what i have written and just store them within my project. So that means i can now easily caputure the "next big thing", as shown below.

Things to watch however:

1. Make sure you test it ot first. My camera resolution is pretty hopless and you don't often get what you see on the screen!

2. Write (quite) big. I have a tendency to write very small text when i have an idea and don't want to miss out. You can't do that when using a phone camara as it's very unlikely to show up. So write down, capture, save and continue.

3. Name and order your files. You need to know what your thought process was.

Maybe I should get a better camera at some point, but this one does me find just now - so long as i know its limitations!

I'm sure there are a load of people doing this kind of thing, so let me know how you do it!

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