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Friday, June 09, 2006


Vapps, Blogger and Innovation and the WORLD CUP!

Vapps is *very* cool. It is completely free and works with Skype to allow up to 500 people in a conference call - god forbit they all start talking at the same time. Thanks for Tom Keating for telling me about it and pointing me to his recent blog post.

Radio Handi also looks worth a look for SIP calls and conferences of up to 20 people. Cool.

Anyway, use it. Here is why i want to use it:

Since last summer I have been thinking about getting something akin to the old HomeBrew Computer Club started in Silicon Valley by Steve Jobs way back [1][2], here in Scotland.

But, open it up a little though to what’s happening (e.g. “What is blogging and why bother?”), ideas, research, disruptive goings on in your field and so on – a thinktank and discussion of ideas in either research or early stages. It’s not necessarily about building business, but sharing ideas that may be the foundation of them.

I’d guess at a level whereby you can get the idea over to a reasonable audience in an informal manner. It would be fully inclusive so a decent idea could actually get heard. I have been to too many meetings where just to get heard you already must have a business plan.

Btw - how many of us have broadband and use audio/video online? Doing this online may open it up a little and discussions could be saved and posted online for people to listen to offline.

Initial Topics? Blogging, next gen media, nonomedicine, outsourcing, id fraud etc?!? Please suggest.
Say 3 x 10 minute topics (with some slides) to get started?

What a pain it is when i can't blog the fact that blogger is screwed for two hours - because it was screwed. And it's happened a few times this week. btw BloggerGods, it's still broken - i tried this 5 times.

I blame the captcha stuff. Just use this....

Also, interested in the World Cup? Pick your team here. Hre is my starting team!

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