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Monday, June 26, 2006


f(x) = weather.dt

We went to a kids birthday party over the weekend (sat) and so i checked out the weather on the BBC. Sure enough, it said rain until around 4, which amde everyone change their plans from outdoors to pretty much indoors. So come 1pm, then 2, 3, 4 there was no sign of rain. Sure enough, no rain all day.

Checked the BBC and sure enough, it was changed to "sunny".

Now, on that principle could we not all start some community retrospective weather service and just charge less than whoever gives the BBC their data and make a bit of cash?

I have came to the conclusion over the past few months that they really have no clue what the weather is going to be (you start to notice this more when you have kids and when you go up mountains!). The best solution is to just open your window, look up and decide for yourself, or, if in Scotland pack a suitcase with something for each season.

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Taghop and Spam

Well, taghop now has over 150 users who have created more than 2000 posts. Things are hoting up and certain subjects seem to be getting quite popular.

I have noticed that someone has decided to create a robiot to add items to the site - not sure if i should be completemted someone took the time, but sure enough there are some automated usernames and automated posts appearing - although not too many.

Automation on the web is an interesting thing. On one hand it is needed as the level of content and sydication of it makes it impossible to authenticate and validate every source. At the same time, you want to somehow maintina a level of integrity about your data.

Creating a SPAM solution is fairly easy - i have created quite a popular one in the past. I will just need to keep an eye out and see if it gets out of hand. If it does, then the SPAM solution will be added.

If you are wondering what taghop is, then at the top of my main blog are my latest hotlinks from taghop. Browse them and get an idea of what is going on.

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