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Thursday, July 13, 2006



David Orchid has updated the W3 TAG document on versioning. It is a document i read yesterday as i'm looking into versioning just now w.r.t WSDL and Web Services i am creating.

I found i have major, minor namespaces, but kept updating the minor every 5 minutes in development to keep track of what dev release i was on. I decided on the following:

In development you may create many WSDL documents per day which may be consumed by multiple clients. To that end I added a development version which was appended to the end but won’t be in production. So my practice identifies namespaces versions something like:


I suspect the last development identifier could be auto-generated by tools in the future, but I did find it restrictive to use only major minor before I’d released anything.

In Web Services i feel this is pretty important as your "clients" may not be under your control and there may be many of them. Sure eventually you want them all on version "VX_Y", but to avoid screwing their build it's nice to have continuity.

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