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Friday, July 22, 2005


Event Mapping with Google and EVDB

The more i work with Web 2.0 and the increasinly common concept of simple, loosely coupled services working together the more excited I get about where all these things are heading.

The latest very , very cool thing is what Chris Goad at Map Bureau has been doing with Google Maps and EVDB and was blogged at evdb called EVMapper. You choose a location, it uses EVDB's open API and displays the events on Google. If i wanted to ask for more, then i'd like to be able to pass my evdb username and see my events within a given location - most of mine are in Scotland, so the geographical dispersity wouldn't make this too tricky.

My next question is whether he can do this with Google Earth. Also, can he pull in images from Flickr and show them on the maps - "see pictures of this place, things in this place and so on".

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