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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Google Cache saves Cash

A trick i have used for a long time now is to use the Google cache feature to access things that are either archived or taken offline. Even though they disabled the Google download of http://earth.google.com i was able to find the proposed download Url, paste it into Google search and get to their disabled search via their own search engine.

Today however, i wanted to read an article about Jim Clark - the same who founded Netscape. My only frustration was that the Baltimore Sun archives its articles after two weeks and you need to register and often pay for the article text.

Along comes Google cache which takes either the Url or name of the article you are after and returns you a cache link which gives you the article you are after. I even pointed to this in taghop.

You do have to wonder however if a smaller start-up would get away with this. I remember a few years back a lot of issues around caching on proxy servers. I wonder how many of these companies know Google does this? Most people i speak with don't know you can do this.

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