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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


WebMail 2.0 - Session Timeouts

There are a number of features I think were missed from Internet 1.0 - often just to get the product to market the cool things were done quickly, but the core basic things got missed on the way.

One that has always frustrated me has been session timeouts in webmail. In fact this even caused me to almost crack my head open about 30 minutes ago when i threw my head back in frustration when I lost my entire email and I hit my head off a temporary "house" we have erected for our 2 year old to play in (long story unless you've got kids)!!

I spent around 15 minutes thinking and typing an email only to click submit and to be told the session has timed out, with no way of getting the text i had typed. So i had to spend another 15 minutes thinking again and trying to remember what i had said. This is around the same amount of time it takes to write a reasonable blog, yet i have never lost even my largest of posts!

So the first feature for WebMail 2.0 has to be some way of storing an authentication token with the client that can be posted back and even if the session times out, you still get a draft stored you can get to and so don't lose the entire message!

Simple fix - unlike my head.

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