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Thursday, August 04, 2005


Art of the Start Read; Tipping Point : How kids understand

I've finished the Art of the Start - will blog crib notes in the next few days. Hugely interesting book and well written by Guy Kawasaki. In a few days once i have let it settle in, i'll go back and write more of it up.

Now, Tipping Point is fascinating reading. In particular I was very interested in the discussion about how kids may find trouble understanding that an object can have two meanings - e.g. that an "Oak" is both an "Oak" and a "Tree", rather than a tree being a collection of Oaks and so on.

My question is how this relates to language (any answers??). We teach my 2 year old English and Spanish all the time. Does he know that a translated word for something is STILL that something? He knows what a spide is - he also sometimes calls is araña. Does he know the two are the same? Or does he just choose the one that comes first. My reading this far would indicate he would be confused by the same object having two words (rather than one of the words applying to some other attribute of the spider).

Back to my sticky book. If you haven't read this book, you should do. If you have kids it beings a few fascinating insights!

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