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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


blogging pioneers at businessweek

BusinessWeek have just run an article on something that is of great interest to me - videoblogging.

I have been following the various ingredients of blogging as well as community, social networks and relationships for some time now (e.g. http://taghop.com and http://taghop.org) - in fact SmartMobs sums up what I believe will thrive across the world. Blogging will be one aspect, but with SO MUCH information out there, there are going to have to be ways of filtering it.

We will see a rise is smaller community focuse sites and specialized tools that will likely rise from syndicated content from these main key sites - combinations of feeds from news sites, flickr, vidyo, meefedia, ourmedia and so on. What would i give to save an hour a day just filtering the RSS feeds i get, never mind those that i may be interested in that i haven't yet discovered!

What's REALLY cool about Video Blogging is that people can show and tell you things that saves you having to dream up what they are seeing - one video blog can save hundreds of lines of text (and time). How To's are so much easier to follow when someone is showing you (in real life AND online)! Sure, they'll not be as professional as bigger media productions, but if it's the thing i really need to know, i don't really care how it's presented!

It's what http://vidyo.org and http://vidyo.tv are looking at. There are many, many opportunities here for collaboration!

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