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Friday, August 19, 2005


Excellent PodTech Conversations

You have to go listen to some of the great conversations over at PodTech.

I spent today working on the PC and listening to what some of the discussions - they are with some of the top guys in the industry, so they are great for keeping on top of things (especially being some remote from them!).

Anyway - here's what i've listened to:

Startups & Venture Capital with Jeff Clavier
This is a particularly good discussion for me as it's one of the things i'm involved in just now - search. There is huge interest in vertical search at the moment and when you get 250 people to a discussion on this in Silicon Valley, there must be something happening!

Future of the Web & Venture Capital InfoTalk with Andreas Stavropolis of Draper Fisher Jurvetson
I listened to this late last night and Andreas has not only an interesting voice (for that time at night!), but also has some good thoughts on Web 2.0.

Cofounder OurMedia JD Lasica on Hollywood and Media
Interesting discussion here. I'm not 100% a believer in Open Source - for no political reason, more reward orientated reasons (in that the developers often get no reward whilst the companies that use their work do) - however, I do believe the work beingn done in this area by OurMedia is going to be of great benefit in the years to come when you want to find some random video archive. Whether it will work centrally is another quesion. The book discussed over at DarkNet looks very interesting indeed!

Excite CoFounder and Venture Capitalist Ryan McIntyre
I agree 100% with the discussions on collaboration. I also like to hear how much easier it is to just start a business now. Againt the open source should surely be benefiting the people who created it in the first place, but nonetheless things ARE easier (and i was also trying to create things around the same time too - although a poor, bean eating Physics student at the time). Content is huge - getting the content is bigger!

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