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Monday, August 08, 2005


Google AutoFill Confusion

Workign on one of my web pages for taghop.ORG, I found this irritating yellow background appear on some, but not all of my fields. Now I often use a yellow background on my fields and after checking the code, the stylesheet and near everything else, i couldn't figure out where this was coming from.

Eventually, something clicked (perhaps it was my son whacking me in the head with Buzz Lightyear), but i realized one of my toolbars was maybe doing this. Sure enough, Google's AutoFill, which i haven't ever used, paints the background of the boxes yellow. Uncheck that option and i'm back to normal.

Would be nice is Google added something to their stylesheet so that some very light background text saying "autfill by google" appeared - i remember doing something like this a few years back and it allows you to type in the textbox, with a semi-transparent background text which gets hidden as you type. Very easy to do and would help us know what all these applications are doing when working with our forms!!

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