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Thursday, August 11, 2005


hey, I'm a movie star

This morning i took our Sony Video Cam and linked it to the PC. Been testing some audio and video blogs to see how quality etc was - none public yet. I discovered a load of software that came with my Dell PC which i never had time to look at before. Some very cool stuff by Creative for capturing into an MP3 format. Ideal.

I will likely post an audio blog soon - maybe an introduction of who i am. If anyone understands my accent you will win some kind of prize. As for a video blog - thinking about that one - i looked at Vimeo a while ago. Again maybe an introduction, but the chances you want to look at my face are pretty low (no idea how i managed to slip "pretty" in there!) - what i will maybe try and do is capture some of where i live and put it someplace.

I'm thinking of hitting the road and talking with some people about things that interest me. No idea what format it will take, but it may be interesting. I don't wanna do something no-one is ever gonna want to hear or see so maybe i'll try a few things (ideas?).

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