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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Ibrahim Ferrer Dies

I've have my head in applications, blogs and books the last few days that i missed that Ibrahim Ferrer had died. It was a post by Steve Gillmor on zdnet that i heard.

He holds a special place for myself and my wife as Bajo Un Palmar, a song he dueted with Omara Portuondo was the first song we heard. We actually met online in 2000, so it was actually the first (of many years) of sounds that we passed by each other.

It was also his song Como Fue which was the first song at our wedding.

I was a big fan of Buena Vista and watched the video many times here and in Chile. Ironically the omly time he played here in Glasgow, i'd just left for Chile.

If you don't know the story, get the video. It is an inspiration. It means I have another 60 years before i really have to get my start up off the ground!

Gracias para tu musica Ibrahim. Descanse en Paz.

- Steven y Loreto.

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