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Monday, August 01, 2005


It's good to talk

Today i start the transition. August 1 2005. It's me on my own. Or with you. If you help me i'll be sure and return the favour.

However, i'm used to a building with 1000 people. 95% seem to ask me something every day. Well 10. I like to talk. If i don't learn from those i talk to, i learn from what i tell them. How i tell them. Or even how i didn't tell them. Maybe i confused them. Maybe I'm not used to this type of question from that type of person.

So, send me an email. Say "Hi". Can we have an office like that? Can we learn from what each other says in passing. Bounce things off each other? Hell go and SPAM ME - people in the office do that anyway with abstract talk that wanders across the office!

Click the phone to connect.

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