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Sunday, August 07, 2005


Semantic Spiders

So, i've got some ideas written down and i'm talking them out loud to my wife to get some general feedback on whether they make any sense. My 2 year old is playing in the background.

I mentioned "web resources" and he comes up to me with huge eyes and says "Web Resources" - well something that sounds much like it. I've no idea what he thinks i was talking about... only that i can assure him it's much less exciting (for him) than he thinks.

Then I say "Semantic Web" and he now thinks that daddy is building a "Spiders Web". He was so excited about it that i didn't have the heart to say otherwise.

Maybe i've gotta think how to combine "Web Resources" and "Spiders Web" - if a 2 year old gets excited about it, then I must be onto something!?

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