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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


When 1 & 1 makes 3

Here is an email i send to the UK based subsidiary 1&1. These halfwits are part of a larger German company and are impossible to get in contact with. I tried every form of communication and even mailed their German guys with no success. I STRONGLY suggest you stay away from them! Here is my letter:

I am extremely angry by the "demand to pay" letter i was sent by your debt
collection agency for my domain name "googil.net" which you "manage" for me. I
knew prior to the payment that my card was going to expire, however i didn't
have the logon details for the site.

I tried to contact you on NUMEROUS occassions (at info@1and1.co.uk) to get this fixed as the email address it was sending my forgotton details to has been expired for almost a year at the time. I received no reply to my emails and the only addresses i could find for you related to a parent German company - oh, who also never got back to me. The guy from the agency i spoke with suggested that it was up to me to keep this up to date, however i never foresaw the manager of my email changing their policy and so my email address had to change. It was then suggested by him that as you are an "online comany" you operate only through email (despite having a number that you can't get through to!). So i asked what happened if you email changes? He was a little confused and no wonder.

You are a registered limited company in the UK with MY information and if i wish to contact you about that in ANY way you are now legally bound to do so. I am extremely angry that you were so difficult to contact which has now cost me money, which i would like returned. I also hope - and would like confirmed - that no mark against my company will exist because of your actions.

Steven Livingstone

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