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Friday, September 02, 2005


Stewart Butterfield hidden messages

I came across the homepage of Stewart Butterfield over at Flickr/Yahoo.
Now i don't speak Korean, but my very good friend over at Altavista does.

His first sentence is "I work here. 안녕!!" - "I work here. Goodbye!!".

Either he gets far too much email or he's going somewhere. Too early to be going places so i suspect it's the email. I guess so many people want to really talk with him that it becomes SPAM. So how do you manage "spam" when it's really people on the end of the wire? Still it's cool he still asks you not to mail him rather than just pull his address.

Oh, BarCamp Photos. Maybe I'll get to one sometime.

Why am i up at 2AM? Well I think i figured an answer to trackback and comment spam on blogs - maybe Wiki's too. Too late to think clearly, but after starting at a screen for 8 hours with Captcha tests really not doing it for me i think i discovered something we all know. More tomorrow.

I'm off to Spain on Sunday so there might be nothing public 'til i get back in 2 weeks.

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