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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Use Case is the Boss

Been reading Applying UML and Patterns - specifically i am looking at how to do Use Cases properly, without spending a whole load of time on them.

What surprised me is that my ideas on how to do it are actually correct. I have never relly liked diving into diagrams and I always write stories for users and walk through them. Craig larman states this as best practice.

One difficult question though it always how to detect a use case; i.e. when starting a requirements analysis and tryng to identify the core use cases, what is the best method. One suggested that i like is the "Boss technique". In this case you imagine the boss asking you what you have been doing today. You are unlikely to answer "Logging In" - even though it is a lower level system use case - it is just not valuable to the business. You are more likely to say something like "Processing Forms" which would be a valid use case in the context of your work... and offers a measureble return to the business.

One cool thing - my gof book arrived via Amazon today. Wish i could start reading ...

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