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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


ali g at harvard

I haven't seen this one, but this is from a visit by Ali G to Harvard in 2004. Oddly i found it while looking into some Semantic Web stuff - love to see a personalization engine give me those kinds of results!
"To fink dat so many great people has been educated ere like Lyndon Banes
Johnson, or as he is better known - JFK, George Clinton was also ere I fink ,
and de one before him, and also...William Tell - is he one of your lot,
probably, and dat bloke wiv de hat, but most importantly dat really fit honey
from Star Wars - if u iz out dere, me'd love to - me iz stayin at de Best
Western Hotel - me's got a really nice room, altho since dis morning dem has put
a parental lock on de tv. "

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