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Monday, January 16, 2006


An Entrepreneur's Story I

I'm now a few weeks into my prototyping phase which followed bunch of background work, documents, research, meetings and so on. This is probably one of the hardest parts ofthe business - other than actually getting it noticed of course. However, i figure if you create something that really is useful, it almost sells itself. I've read 2 books on Google in that last couple of months and their story really comes down top the fact the search engine really served hugely missing need.

The first prototype will be released next week and i've been building a suitable datamodel and entity model to reflect what we are doing (more on that soon! - stay tuned). I'm using SQL Server 2005 and C#/.Net 2.0 - the technical advantages, especially server side are just too good to get away from, but as one of the guys on the team loves the Mac, i have assured him the Web Services interfaces will allow integration with MacOS.

Still i expect a lot to happen in the next 2 weeks prior to looking for funding. I am completely free after my amazing Codie awards judging experience came to an end and so now i can concentrate on this business exclusively. We hope to release the technical preview to the public very soon and i also hope to get some Open Source/Open API collaboration around the effort, so keep coming back!!

I will blog "An Entrepreneur's Story" as often as i can and with as much detail as i can without giving the game away (until i am allowed to!).

Oh, I will be numbering each post using Roman Numerals, so you even get a free history lesson - don't say i don't enrich your knowledge!

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