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Saturday, January 14, 2006


Mechnical Turk and Puzil

After doing some looking into the Mechnical Turk, i realized how similar some of it's ideas are to Puzil which i created last year. The concepts are not really the same and they have huge resources and a huge base of effort put into an excellent framework , but the idea that human input an sometimes less automation is better, is where there is a match.

Puzil allows you to stop SPAM by asking users simple questions that can't be replied to by an automated engine. It doesn't try to automate the process, it uses humans to create and answer questions.

MTurk also uses human intelligence to provide a higher quality of relevance.

It's got me excited about this now - i ma do some work on it over the weekend and see if i can integrate some of the Mechanical Turk into what i have. Should be interesting!

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