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Monday, February 27, 2006


Kim Peek, Rain Man

I just watched one of the most amazing and touching programs i have seen. For those who say they don't watch TV, this is something you missed!

I was about Kim Peek on Channel Fives, Extraordinary People and was give the same title as the film made about him, notably Rain Man. He is a savnt, though and not simply autistic - there is a difference i am reading about, mostly in that savants display an extraordinary ental abilities in some area - Kim Peek however, does this in many areas.

He was described as a Human Google and throughout the program proved it - but Google doesn't know facts the way he does, it knows words and sentences - he knows actual answers. In that sense he is closer to a real Semantic Web.

Yet finds it impossible to understand reasoning and what people are thinking. He doesn't undestand metaphors and takes them literally.

What was amazing however, is how much his father has looked after him for 54 years - the majority of that on his own.

What amazed me is that someone can actualy remember this much data in their head. It clearly shows that there is a whole lot going on in our brains we really haven't begun to understand yet!

Richard Wawro is in fact a Savant living here in Scotland - here is his site.

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