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Friday, February 24, 2006


Scott Rafer on AI

I listed to an archived discussion with Scott Rafer on how collaborative tools are in the short to medium term more powerful than anything coming out of AI. He has some great points which i agree with 100%.

He talks about delicious, which i like, but i still see it more an a service to be mashed with other services than anything stand alone. I just don't see much value in visiting the site. But i DO see a lot of value as delious being a base of other services. It's much like taghop, but i added communities as a subtle hits to start thinking together - to give some context to the items that are created, rather than just tags, which is fairly one dimensional.

Still, as much as these mashups are fun, they are really going to have to be streamlined and grouped in order to sell themselves are any kind of service (or rely on advertising i guess).

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