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Monday, February 27, 2006


Simon Gladwell blog

Just finished reading Blink. Simon Gladwell finally has a blog. Thank God as i hate email. Loose conversation is much easier.

My theory based on this and other reading? I believe we may have a multi-dimensional mind that uses collections of attributes (some of what don't have a meaning in english) and together they represent a picture we can see. Not a graphical picture like "can you describe what he looked like" - yeah, i think we have that too - but a picture that lets our brains sort through chaos and guide us in the right direction (if only to be distorted by our concious thinking!). How else would you be able to relate quasi chaotic software code, to the things you want it to do, to where it is placed to what the end user expects to see and use. I don't think this can be modelled using traditional tools as the best results i have been getting is when i just imagine what i want my software to do and what other people see. I only wish i could put it into words! Something like :

successful software = experience (what you have learned in the past)
+ imagination (what you and your customers *see* and often fail to model/document/say)
+ chaos (various nodes all pointing towards the solution but not yet related, except in imagination?)
+ instinct (your gut feel creating the chaos above, but working toward the picture in your imagination, all based on sub-concous experiences)

Well, it's my start at a guess anyway!

Getting a book or two from Paul Ekman now - he explains how to decode facial expressions and know what people are thinking using the Facial Action Coding System . Sounds kinda eerie, yet would be exceptionally handy as an entrepreneur. I never know whether my pitches, chats and so on are working - and what parts are(n't) working, so this would be great.

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