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Monday, February 27, 2006


What Shape Are A German Shepherd's Ears?

I have followed Stephen Kosslyn's work at Harvard for some times since reading "What Shape Are A German Shepherd's Ears?"

After watching the story on Kim Peek tonight, i then discovered Daniel Tammet who is...

"able to articulate his experience, describing his mathematical calculations in
terms of shape-form, visualizations, and emotionally sensitive reactions (a
particular fondness for pi) rather than by traditional methodical processes".

This possibility brings together some of the books i have read over the last few years and even some of the things i have written the past few days.

I am NO expert in this area, let it be said, so this is only my thoughts. However, i wonder whether the uncouncious processes we have described in Blink ARE actually these visualizations (as i blogged earlier today) and whether it is our concious thought process that breaks the picture. Do Savants have acces to the same conciousness level we do (that is a question btw) - or do they have some way of seeing their subconcious mind at work and seeing this visualization that we miss - we try to understand it when we CAN'T... at least in normal methodical language.

This is something that i get more interested in by the day

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