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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Wayne McVicker

I emailed Wayne McVicker earlier today and got an almost immediate reply - it's cool when what you read about someone and the impression you get of them is actually real! I tend to email authors as i was one myself and i liked getting contact from people. Helps you connect with what you are writing.

I just wanted to let him know how much i was enjoying his book - how accurate it is to how things are for me at the moment (some worryingly so!). He replied and said keep in touch. Now i will reccommend the book knowing the guy who wrote it remembers those days starting out.

What is amazing for me is how frank here is - he talks of having NO cash and being nervous as hell about getting some cash that would stop them from going under. It's surely how MOST of us feel - i'm doing ok for cash (well, i don't have any employees yet), but my consultancy helps. But I DO know how it feels to not have a clue where the next cheque is going to come from, with a focus on just doing whatever it takes to get back to the venture. The next month is a big one. Wait and see.

I am finishing a report for Microsoft today - my head hurts and i can't wait to get back to my venture - doing anything i can get make sure i don't go under! Consultancy has its advantages :)

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